The Little Secret French Women Know About Youthful Aging

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“Aging is the pits”, “I hate how my body looks now”, “I don’t feel sexy or desirable anymore,”  “I wish I looked prettier.”

I hear these comments all the time from my clients and customers.  It seems we all go through the mental agony of adjusting to our changing bodies, and I am no exception.

In my fascination for the secret to vibrant aging, I came across valuable insights that I want to pass along to you, in hopes that you will “love the skin you are in”.

How do I feel about my body as it ages?  Do I love the changes, do I embrace the shifts and nuances?  Or do I fight the wrinkles, the sags, the lack of energy, or mental clarity I once treasured about myself?

Frankly, I don’t accept that I have to age horribly and lack vitality and feel old and washed up.  This is an attitude and myth that I debunk.

I want to look as vibrant, sassy, and beautiful as I possibly can during this phase of my life. I want to age vibrantly.  I imagine that you want this for yourself as well.

There is so much noise in our youth obsessed world.  We are bombarded with tons of advertising, opinions, articles. and how to’s advice galore, that we can become numb to the unique messages our own bodies tell us.

There is great wisdom within if we but listen and then act to give ourselves what we need, without guilt or reservation.

One of the keys that has helped me to tap into my inner beauty and love for myself, is listening to the signals and needs of my body.  We are each different and require a daily plan that is tailored to our specific situation.

But do we take the time to listen?  Do we honor ourselves and the inner intuition of that small voice within? When we do, we can reap dramatic results.


The French Woman’s Secret to Ageless Beauty

In her revealing book, French Women Don’t Get Facelifts, Mireille Guillano claims that the secret to aging vibrantly all starts with a woman’s attitude.  French woman are Bien dans sa peau (comfortable in their own skin).

They relish having an attitude of confidence about their evolving beauty, which for them starts from the inside out.  I heartily agree.

If I feel beautiful, nurture myself and do something everyday to elevate my happiness, I feel more alive, confident and radiant.

I gave up a long time ago my insecurity of depending upon someone from the outside to affirm my beauty. Instead I now create an internal attitude of chic and savvy first and then radiate it outward. People can feel that I am comfortable in my own skin. This makes me happier as I go about my day.

You Can Look and Feel Fabulous

(A simple tip that works beautifully)

There are simple routines in my day that I do as a way to love my body, to give it all it needs to feel it’s best.

Firstly, committing to and not sabotaging myself makes all the difference. Eating well, sleeping enough hours each night, moving my body in some form of enjoyable exercise, and giving myself the positive vibrations that lift me up are staples in my day.

I am the master of my life, and it is up to me to value myself to make the best decisions for my well being each and every day.

Martha Beck, Harvard Sociologist says it best,  “It is time we reclaim our inner compass and learn to listen to the inner guidance of our bodies to steer us to what is our own sense of joy.”

Do you Crave Feeling Delicious?

Secondly, I make it a practice each day to include one thing that feels delicious to me.  One activity that stirs my soul, awakes my joy chemicals and gets them flowing. I make a conscious decision when I am feeling down, to shift my energy back and create a happy feeling in my body.

It can be a walk in nature, listening to music, reading something inspirational, having a soul connection with a friend, one small activity that my body says yes, this feels good.

Since I have a tendency to be too much in my head, I remind myself to take a few minutes and sit quietly.  Justto be still.  This helps me enormously.

I encourage you to take one action today that feels good to your body.  Commit to yourself that you will set aside even 5 minutes and find something that you love to do that feels good.

I’d love to know what that is,  Make a quick comment below of what you will do for yourself tonight before your head hits the pillow and you rest from the day.

I am a champion for your “loving the skin you are in”.

Here’s to vibrant aging.

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