How to Break Free From The Stress of Overthinking

Plane over Greenland

This incredible shot taken over the Ice Caps of Greenland on my way to Italy several years ago captured my imagination in a big way. I was struck by the enormity of our beautiful earth and how really small we all are in the grand scheme of life.

My daily cares and concerns suddenly seemed insignificant from this altitude. A lightness of being overcame me and I felt at peace. I felt humbled, in awe and experienced a profound epiphany. I felt closer to higher intelligence, God, universal mind, or whatever name you call the creator of all life.

Do you ever feel caught up in the stress and insignificant details of your life? Do you feel trapped in downward spiraling thoughts or emotions and can’t seem to shake yourself free?

I know most of us at times long to feel a fresh perspective; a wiser vantage point in looking at our cares and concerns.

William Blake once said,

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”

Is Blake implying that if we take a new look at life, that we would see our world in a completely different way; more truth, beauty and the sublime? I say a resounding yes!

When I desire to shift my energy, I remember this photo. The image is etched in my minds eye as a valuable symbol for feeling peaceful about life. When I think of it, I can immediately calm myself and gain a wiser perspective on what is really important.

Taking a birds eye view, helps me not to worry or stress out about something that in the long run, is very inconsequential. Honestly, the trivia that I get caught up in worrying about, in 1 month’s time will just be a blur.

Tweet This: Why not expand my conscious awareness to those things around me that are rich with meaning and life, rather than focusing on my petty thoughts and worries.