How To Feel Young. Surprise Lessons From My High School Reunion

high school reunion dancing

Have you ever gone into an experience and set the intention that you are gong to really enjoy yourself and be in the moment, no matter what you encounter?

As the anticipation and excitement built for my high school reunion, I knew that I wanted to have a special experience. I wanted to let go and just let the night flow. So I set the intention that I would enjoy myself, be present to those I met and leave my ego at the door. I let go of past hurts and painful high school memories. My gosh, it’s been 45 years. It’s time to bury those old negative sensitivities.

What came to light that night caught me by surprise. Here is the snapshot of what I learned.

Being In The Moment

It was fun just to be in the moment and reconnect with people I hadn’t seen in many years. To catch up on their life and what positive things are happening to them now. The baggage from the past had fallen away and I could just enjoy being with them in a way I have never done before. I didn’t care about opinions or judgements but rather focused on caring for the stories of others. This was a gift.


Dancing the Night Away

I loved just dancing the night away to the live sounds of the band. The music stirred long ago pleasures that was so joyful and freeing. I let go of any inhibitions and allowed myself to sway with the music I so loved as a teenager. The music transported me in back in time, yet I felt totally present to just enjoying the feeling in my body of moving. It was a surreal experience and one that I will never forget.

“In Memory of Those We Have Lost”

Seeing pictures of classmates that are no longer with us affected me deeply. It was a jolt of sorts to see faces that I knew and had loved. Each of us are here for a brief time and that the quality of how I live now really matters, as it is more finite than I care to admit. Life is indeed fleeting, and it is so important to live young, live passionately and live with heart.

Having Health and Vitality Matters

Listening to others stories I noticed how many had suffered health related issues and struggles that had effected the quality of their lives. It struck me how a number of the people I spoke to didn’t have the health they so desired. Whether it be cancer, strokes, overweight issues, lack of energy, stress, broken hearts from divorce and on and on….

Hearing and seeing this redoubled my mission to be a force for changing how we age. To inspire others to know it is possible to live vibrantly, healthfully and will joy long into our golden years.

Yes, I too have had some health issues, But what I know and teach others is that aging is a journey to constantly course correct where and when we feel imbalanced. It’s possible to get ourselves back on track. These struggles are here to teach big lessons and there are silver linings to be found.

If any of you are struggling at the moment with how you are aging, I’d love to connect with you. I am on a mission to change how we age and I’d love to be a force for good in your life.

I offer 30 minute complimentary sessions to help shed a light on where you feel stuck and what simple shifts you can make to begin today to feel better and enjoy your life more fully.

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