What My 93 Year Young Father Taught Me About Living Young

It didn’t surprise me one bit when I received a call from my 93 year old father telling me he had ordered the latest new technology gizmo from Apple.

“Carol, it’s your father. I have ordered an apple watch and when you come up this weekend, will you have Ali (my daughter) give me a lesson on how to use it?”

I was struck by the lilt in his voice and the excitement of learning something new. He has always had a grab life by the tail kind of attitude, and has been my role model for living young.

Yes at 93, he still plays golf 2 times a week, drives all over town and had a social calendar throughout his life that would tire the best of us.

My daughter got him all set up with his new watch. The pride he felt in learning a new way to communicate with his world touched me deeply. Each time the little ding on his wrist went off his spirit elevated, as he quickly sent off a voice text to one of his family members.

My dad was so happy to have an easier way to keep in touch and to keep growing with the times. To feel excited and invigorated is important to him.

Yep, he now tracks his daily steps, is reminded to stand up and move every hour and to keeps track of his appointments. Really he is just enjoying newness in his life and having fun.

I pondered on this experience as I was struck by his love of life and how this attitude has kept him young all these years. To be youthful takes weaving a tapestry in our lives made up of many components.

Our bodies need the best care, and the most vital foods and support to keep us thriving. It also means having an openness of heart and a willingness to embrace adventure, enthusiasm and a dose of wonder.

Youth is not a time of life. It is a state of mind.

Each of us can find ways to bring newness, adventure and a fresh approach to our days. It is essential for ageless living to bring a sense of wonder and joy to how we look at life.

When I am feeling down, or dull in my senses, doing something new or creating a small change will shift my energy and outlook. Taking a walk in nature, noticing the beauty around me, reading a book from some thought leader, listening to a lecture, or dancing to some music keeps me inspired and feeling young.

Dr. Christine Northrup in her book, Goddesses Never Age, says, “It’s not the beauty of youth that we lose when we’re constantly compromising ourselves but the beauty of youthful courage. Your never too old to take risks and do what makes you feel alive.”

Whether you love dancing, gardening, fitness, hand crafts, or travel, any activity we can engage in that fills our souls and makes us feel alive is the key.

As Julia Child, who discovered cooking later in her life said, “Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

Find some small thing that you can do today that will lift your spirits, expand your heart keep you feeling young in spirit. Have a childlike wonder for what will come next and never give up on your dreams.

I’d love to hear what one small thing you will do today to feel young. Leave your comment below as we all can learn from each other.