The Bittersweet Transition of Motherhood... Growing Into A New Way of Being

I really don’t need a special designated day to reflect and celebrate the joy I feel for being a mother. The respect and awe for this profound role that I stepped into 25 years ago comes in waves throughout the year, each and every day. But I do like to pause from time to time and reflect on all the feelings that I experience from being a mother.

Although I now experience an empty nest, parts of my daughters’ energy, love and memories stay tucked inside my heart. Just as a few feathers remain


behind in an empty nest, so too I am reminded of times past with various symbols of their presence around my house.

After all these years, I am reminded that motherhood is a journey that is continually changing and shifting. The demands, the wisdom and the responsibility requites something different of me with each season and chapter of my daughter’s lives.

I love almost every phase of mothering. ( I can’t say I loved being challenged to my core during those teen years, but I grew stronger as a woman) I cherished holding those precious infants (even in the middle of the night) cheered their first steps, first words, first day of kindergarden, first date, and off to college. I reveled at each new accomplishment or struggle. I championed them to find their own way and voice in the world, no matter how painful or hard.

But it really was the minute details of ordinary days of just being there for them; learning to live and love together as the essence of my role and my happiness.

I adored being able to shape their daily experience, with my free spirit personality embracing life full on and bringing them along with me. It has been the happiest times in my life and I will cherish the memories and look forward to our future together.

Now my daughters have left home, are beautiful young women forging their own way, learning to create lives they love.

What I find comforting in this new phase of mothering is that the feelings of love for them are still precious and beautiful. Although my role has changed considerably and I am now more in the background of their lives, the bonds that tie us together will always be strong and mighty.

I appreciate the realization that I can tap into the joy of our relationship no matter what phase life finds us charting. The give and take still flows, it just has a different expression.

I am still connected heart to heart no matter where they are in the world or how old. We can come together to laugh, cry and just enjoy being together. We can encourage one another through new beginnings, new triumphs or help soften the falls.

To me, motherhood was a breaking open of my being, the most profound shaping of my personality of anything I have ever undergone in my life. So I look back on these 25 years with such a deep sense of gratitude. I am so thankful I have had the honor of being a mother. I treasure these beautiful spirits and thank them silently every day for giving me the pleasure of being their mom.