Making Room For Joy...The Courage To Have Those Difficult Conversations

Do you ever notice that when you hold onto painful or negative feelings it makes your energy heavy and your mood down?

Do you ever wish you could just do an internal emotional sweep and release feelings that are not helping you enjoy your days?

I know I have sure felt that way.

Sometimes life gives us unexpected lessons when we need it most. Recently was one of those days.

It wasn't what I expected when my daughter came to say goodbye.

 She came home to pick up her belongings before she headed off for her last semester at college. I was delighted to see her as we have a close relationship and I savor our sporadic get togethers.

As she gathered her things I could tell she was irritated at the mess of her older sister's belongings scattered in parts of the house. 

Her anger bubbled up and seeped over into her being able to enjoy me.  This was hurtful. I could feel my energy close down and tears began to well in my eyes and my throat and chest become tight and constricted. 

Having The Courage To Speak Your Heart

Can't I just have the daughter that I love so much be happy and comfortable being with me in my own house?

I am  working on being more present to my feelings and not stuff away or repress what needs to be said. So I took a deep breath and shared what my body was saying so loudly. 

I came from a loving, non judge mental place and spoke honestly about my feelings. I shared that I wanted to have a relationship with her that wasn't clouded over by the veil of anger and irritations she felt for her sister still living at home. 

I didn’t want these feelings to block the enjoyment we can have together when she comes to visit me. I don't want that wedge to tarnish the joy I feel with her and if she shuts down when she comes home I am robbed of the best part of her.

The Dance Of The Mother/Daughter Relationship

As we shift and change roles with our adult children we as women must pay attention to how we store feelings within us.  Unexpressed hurt, or any negative feeling for that matter, still effects our energy levels and sense of joy.  Stuffing our feelings can wreck havoc on our well being and vitality. 


Because of my background in working with the body/mind connection for years, I know so well the power of repressed emotions in the dis-ease process.  It will rob us our precious sense of well being and the stored feelings will show up in areas of our body and can eventually cause physical symptoms. 

It's one thing to know this intellectually and another to take responsibility and own what I need to voice in order to keep the flow of healthy communication going in my own relationships.

Sharing my hope and desire for our relationship shed new light for my youngest daughter on what I, her mother, yearned to have.  

This was a very tender and soft moment we shared and a breakthrough for me in experiencing the importance of not harboring unexpressed feelings. I awoke this morning clearer, more vital and at peace.

Listening To Our Hearts To Guide Our Intuition

As we move through time there will always arise situations in our lives that ask us to adjust and listen to what we need to express in the moment. The path of radiant aging asks us to course correct from every angle, our bodies, our emotions and our spirits.  

Its a constant awareness to be present  and ask, "What do I need in this moment to elevate my energy?" Where do I feel stuck and what do I need to do to shift to feel better.  

What Conversation Do You Need To Be Having?

I encourage you to take a look within yourself and notice what emotion you may be harboring right now that is needing to be expressed. What or who do you need to have that honest, heartfelt and nonjudgmental conversation with to release buried emotions? 

What are you holding onto that is not serving your well being? Who and what conversation do you need to be having?

You will be amazed how much lighter and more fully alive you feel when you pay attention to these subtle messages your body gives you.   

A Fabulous Technique For Releasing Negative Emotions That Works

In upcoming blogs, I will be introducing the simple, yet powerful technique know as EFT or Tapping.  It can be a daily go to practice, just like meditation or Yoga to help you release and heal negative emotions you may be harboring.

Google Emotional Freedom Technique EFT or tapping and you will come up with some great videos on how to do it. It is simple, quick and very effective.

If your feeling a stuck in some aspect of your life and would like to gain some guidance and support for moving forward, I offer 30 minute complimentary sessions to help you gain clarity that is right for you.

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