Looking To Feel Happier In Your Day? Try This Tip.

Do you need a quick way to elevate your energy when you get out of bed in the morning? Are you tired of having the blues?

This Radiant Living tip will help do the trick for you.


 Think about what can make you feel enthused, alive and jazzed about your day. From simple to profound, it doesn't matter. Just get in the habit of programing your heart and mind each morning to pay attention to something that you can get excited about.

If you can't think of anything, then commit to finding some way to give some positive energy to someone else.

Some ideas...

Write a thank you e mail, or give someone a call, or tell someone that you love them, or simply do a kind act for someone.

Smile at someone....

Look for little ways to be more "present" to the people in your life.  Be fully in the moment with them.

Do the unexpected, plan a special outing, a date night, a surprise for someone you care about.  Remember, it's the small seemingly ordinary moments in our lives that can bring us the most joy.

 Remember it is anything that will elevate your energy and those around you.

Energy Flows Where Our Attention Goes


I find when I consciously do this simple reminder, it gets my juices going and I look forward to my day with a step in my heart, and  a delicious feeling of anticipation. 

It ignites my energy.

We are training our minds and emotions to be on alert to what will feel good.  It is positive psychology at the most practical level.  

What we put out attention on will expand. So it we consciously program our minds first thing in the morning to say, "What can I be excited about today?"  we will become attuned to the positive in our day.

This is a simple, yet powerful way to feel Radiant every day.

So today I am excited that I can feel the rain coming down and cleansing the earth. Here in California we are in a drought and in desperate need of more rain. I awoke thrilled that is was raining (a rare occurrence) and I am excited to take my umbrella and take a walk with my dog and enjoy the fresh day.

How about you?  What are you excited about today?  

Remember to 

Live Young. Live Passionately. Live With Heart.

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