Are You Truly Flourishing In Your Body And Your Life?

Do you feel as a woman you are truly flourishing in all aspects of your body, mind and spirit?

This past weekend, I had the good fortune of being a part of the taping of Dr. Christine Northrup’s new course called, “The Fabulous Female Body,”  A women’s guide to flourishing in your female body for a lifetime.

Dr. Northrup wisdom is immense as she has been a practicing OB/GYN, a New York Times best selling author, and highly sought after speaker on behalf of women for over 30 years.

She has a masterful way of integrating her medical knowledge of women’s bodies through each life phase.  More importantly, she brought to light the soul and spiritual lessons that each of these life chapters brings for our growth and evolution.

I want to share with you a few important take aways that I got in hopes that it will shed some light on your own relationship with your body.  I came away with a new awareness of ways I can improve how I respect, honor and care for my body and soul.  She taught us to embrace and love our bodies, rather than to fear them, and to savor the best parts of ourselves and bring our light to the world.

I think most of us women have lives that are demanding, busy and full of commitments, responsibilities and emotional nurturing of others. We have allot on our plates.

What I often see in my working with women, is a guilt, shame and limiting mindset around how we take care of ourselves. The consequence:  depletion, numbness, lack of joy, and aches and pains in our bodies.  

Here are 3 big themes that she spoke about over the course of the 2 days.  In future blog posts, I will go into more detail about each of these areas, but for now I want you to have a taste of her insights.

Stop Being a Victim. Take Back Your Power To Nourish Yourself

Throughout the weekend, Dr. Northrup spoke about the importance to stop making excuses for our needs.  It’s time for us to reclaim our power to nourish ourselves, to stop ignoring our need for rest and rejuvenation.  To often we feel guilty, shameful or victimized by our responsibilities instead of feeling confident and entitled to give to ourselves.

This is an old belief pattern that we carry as women and it is time to release and let it go. We need to fill up our love bank, so to speak, and feel good about doing so.

When we are depleted on any level, physical, emotional or spiritual we can’t flourish.  Instead we tend to fall into the victim mentality, make excuses instead of changing the pattern and taking care of ourselves. 

 It is so detrimental to ignore our souls need for reflection and contemplation. From this quiet, inner place we can often see more clearly how to improve our lives.

blue masculine and feminine .jpg


As she so well said, “We flourish to the degree that we can balance the masculine and feminine energy in our bodies.  So taking time to replenish, and renew ourselves is a feminine act that we often ignore under the weight of guilt or shame.”  

Remember Your Erotic Nature

Dr. Northrup hit home the point that as we age we tend to live from the neck up.  We disconnect from our sexuality, our passion and feeling our spiritual nature through our bodies..

Feeling passion and bodily pleasure can be experienced in a variety of ways, not just through sex.

We can feel more alive by tuning into our own creativity, our passion for our hobbies, nature, beauty, and the life force around us.  

I have felt for a long time that my own personal vitality and passion expresses itself through many forms. Hearing her go into detail about the value of tapping into the many forms of erotic pleasure was validating.  

I also realized that I can balance myself more by cultivating my feminine nature and softening my focus from too much masculine energy of producing and succeeding. 

I loved how she said it’s time to tap into our feminine energy, feel more alive with the flow of energy within us, and reclaim the joy of our bodies pulsations. 

 How To Create A Flourishing Lifestyle

One of Dr. Northrup’s main tenants debunking the myth of aging.  She has written a book, “Goddesses Never Age” where she goes into detail how to step out of the limiting beliefs about aging that are unhealthy mental programs.

One of the ways we can create a new cultural of agelessness, is to be proactive in how we take care of ourselves, how we view the second half of our life. It can be richly rewarding, vibrantly healthy and include the best relationships, sex and enjoyment of life than any other time of our lives.

She outlines what are the components of a sweet life. They include; 

Laugher, rhythmical dance, nutritious food, inspiring music, sunlight, clean air and water, uplifting relationships, fulfilling sex life, natural restful sleep, exercise outdoors, purposeful contribution (business, society, projects) and connection to the sacred.

So what did I feel as I digest her wisdom and knowledge?  To feel more joy and love for myself and life, to connect more to my own heart, both in the expression and the nourishment of how I care for myself, others and the earth. 

The Yearning To Feel More Alive

I am inspired to incorporate more nurturing of myself in my daily life, and from this I know I will feel more vibrantly alive and feel the sweetness of life.

I have noticed for awhile now that there is a yearning among the women i work with to feel more connected to themselves and to others, to have more meaning and purpose in their lives, and to feel their souls expression.

Unless we take a stand for our own right to live powerfully in our wisdom we won’t feel the full magnitude of what is possible for a radiant life.


Books Dr. Northrup Recommended

Mama Gina's School of Womanly Arts.  Regina Thomashauer

Mind Body Code. Dr. Mario Martinez

Genius Of Flexibility. Bob Cooley

Always Hungry. Dr. David Ludwig

Vagina. Naomi Wolf

Dr. Christiane Northrup.  Goddesses Never Age 

Dr. Pat Allen Relationship Coach. Check our her podcasts on I tunes. Helps people learn to balance their masculine, feminine energies in relationships. 

It is my passion to help guide women to flourish.  If you feel there are areas in your own life you want more clarity on how to thrive, I offer a complimentary discovery session so we can explore ideas and practical tips that may help.  Simply fill out your information below and I will get back to you.

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