Are You In Need Of More Light To Shine In Your Life?

Life gives us unexpected lessons and yesterday was one for me.  I went in for a routine eye exam as it had been some years and I just wanted to make sure my healthy eyes were still doing great.

What happened in the exam taught me a powerful life lesson.  Unfortunately, my eyes were allergic to the drops the Dr. used, and my eyes began to hurt, feel swollen and seeing became painful.  

I tried to resume my work; reading, computer work and following my normal routine. But no, my eyes would not have it. They hurt terribly to use them.  After several futile tries, I listened to my body and laid down to close my eyes for the rest of the day and night.

As I lay there in darkness with my eyes shut,  I had a wave of gratitude wash over me.  “Oh my gosh, I take my eye sight for granted every day.”  It hit me hard. Tears welled up inside me and I became choked with emotion.

I don’t really appreciate what my eyes do for me, the richness of my life; colors, people I love, the nuances of simple pleasures, flowers blooming, the joy of my dog’s soulful eyes greeting mine.   

So many images flashed through my minds’ eye last night of all the ways my sight nourishes and enhances my feeling of aliveness.  Little daily moments that I see, yet go unacknowledged and not fully taken in.

I have such profound respect for people that were born without sight, or people that have tragically lost their eye sight.  What their world is like I only lived for a few brief hours.

I am reminded of the wonderful book I read some years ago that touched my core and made me “see”  my life differently.

It’s  called, “And Let There Be Light”. It is the story of the first 20 years of Jacques Lusseyran, who was physically blinded at 8 years of age by a freak childhood accident. Then, 10 years later he was working for the French Underground Resistance and was captured by the Nazi’s and taken to a concentration camp for many months. 

The book chronicles his inner soul’s journey to find an inner light, when his outside world was dark.

The 3 lessons that changed his life from darkness to light.

1.    Joy does not come from outside, for whatever happens to us it is within.

2.   Light does not come to us from without, Light is in us, even if we have no eyesight.

3.   Cultivate the richness of all our senses, to feel more fully alive.

Jacques was able to transcend his limitation of sight but cultivating an intensity of light an joy inwardly that took him beyond his darkness.



He is a living testament to the joy which exists in all of us - a joy which no external conditions can take away from us.

I am so inspired by his message and want to share this wisdom with you, my readers.

Let’s all commit to ourselves to pause, slow down and really begin to see more of what is in front of us every day. 

Let’s show more gratitude for the blessings of our senses that give us the gift of experiencing fully the magic and wonder of our lives.

Imagine how much happier we can feel if we take time to absorb through our senses the beauty and magnificence of what lights up our lives?

Radiantly yours,


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