Do You Look In The Mirror And Love What You See?


Have you ever ….  looked in the mirror and wondered, “What the heck happened here”  How did I age so much?  How did I lose my zest for life and not feel good about myself? 

Do you ever wonder … Am I doomed  to continue on this downward spiral from here on out?

I know I have had that feeling off and on these last few years. I desperately yearned to turn things around. So I decided to commit to taking care of myself in a whole new way. I started from the inside out so I look and feel great, no matter what my chronological age.

Shifting The Aging Dance Starts With A Decision

What I discovered is this. Shifting this aging dance starts with a decision. A deep commitment to myself that I am willing to care enough about myself, to nourish myself in the best way possible, on all levels so I can look good and feel great.  Whatever that takes.  AND that it can be fun and joyful, not a drudgery.

Because I don’t want to get to the end of my life and feel like I gave up on myself. That I didn’t take a stand for living fully, to be alive with all my senses.

And for sure, looking back, I didn’t want to have an ache in my heart, knowing I could have experienced more, been more and loved more. I want each day to feel incredibly rich and rewarding.

To me, this is the internal magic of youthfulness.  To be fully alive. I set the intention to feel beautiful.

Set The Intention To Feel Beautiful

Once I made that decision, it became so much easier to commit to living well.  I now refuse to settle for mediocre during this next phase of my life. 

 And you don’t have to settle either.

By deciding I wanted to feel more alive, I found many more opportunities came my way.  I was aware of new possibilities that inspired me to feel beautiful, internally and externally.

Each day when I have choices in front of me, I pause to see if what I am about to choose brings me closer to my desire to look and feel fabulous, or does it push me away from the joy and radiance I want to feel.

These choices happen all day long on each level, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

 I ask myself, will this choice raise my energy, my vibration, and expand me in a good way, or will it bring me down?  I then act from a place that is in my highest good and helps me be my best self. I don’t always get it right, I make mistakes. But I am getting better and better at advocating for feeling beautiful and vibrant.


I encourage you today to make a stand for yourself. That you are worth it. That you matter. And that it is possible for you to be vibrant and youthful for many years to come.

My desire for you is that you be able to look in the mirror and love what you see.  That you love yourself so much that you decide it is worth your time and your attention to create a healthy vibrant body.  I want you to love your life and feel a zest for each new day.  

I am here to support you on your Path to Radiant Aging.

Feel free to reach out to my with your questions.  I'd love to hear from you.

And as always, remember to:

Live Young.

Live Passionately.


Live With Heart.

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How To Awaken Your Senses to Feel More Alive

There I was standing in the Italian Alps surrounded by the most incredible beauty I had ever witnessed.  My husband and I had been hiking for about 10 miles and we were walking back to the hotel through this lovely meadow.  Just moments before I had walked for miles along a valley that was surrounded by gorgeous mountain peaks with the sky light up with light and billowy clouds.

In this moment I was overcome with a deep sense of joy.  I paused to take it all in and realized how truly grateful I was for this incredible life lesson nature was giving me in the moment.

I felt truly alive.  All my senses were awakened, my heart was full of love and joy. 

It was the most perfect day.  Hiking all day in gorgeous scenery at every turn, having a full heart, spending time with my husband and having no worldly distractions.

Then to come back after a full day of bodily exercise and spend 2 hours using the spa facilities, to rejuvenate my tired muscles with aromatherapy, steam, heat and hot and cold therapy.


What made the spa experience even more impactful was the meditation I chose to cap it all off. When I was finished, I rested on a waterbed for 1/2 hour listening to the most beautiful music. My mind and body were transported. I was tingling all over in a surreal out of body experience.  

Then to top it off, after the spa, I dressed for a delicious, gourmet meal. Each plate was a work of art and tasted delicious. Just right.



To get the full enjoyment, I repeated this experience from morning till night for 8 days.  I could hardly wait to get up in the morning and start the day fresh with new sights and sounds.  It was exhilarating, and I came home a changed woman. What was the lesson, the wisdom and insights I could glean from this experience to bring back with me to carry into my daily life?

 I realized that this deep feeling of peace, joy and vibrancy happened because my soul was nourished. The longing for connection to my higher self came through my senses and I was transformed.  I think  we can often feel disconnected to our soul's longings for more vibrancy and happiness because we  don't take enough time, or care to nurture ourselves with bodily pleasure through our senses.

We often put other people first and don't fill our soul with meaning. We shut ourselves off from our own desires and pleasures out of obligation to the many roles we play as women. We often don't take the time to be quiet to listen to our own inner stillness, and harmonize ourselves with nature or the divine within.

As Judith Orloff in her book "The Power Of Surrender; Let Go to Energize Your Relationships, Success and Well Being, so aptly states; Surrender to life's flow is the secret to health and beauty. It makes you feel good and look good instead of becoming tight, tense, obsessive, and burned out by adrenaline and cortisol. There is a better way to be."

Because of this peak experience,  I made a vow to myself to continue this "aliveness through my senses" more frequently back home.  I know it is possible to be more present and enjoy cultivating pleasure on many levels. 

This requires a commitment on my part and a discipline to be more conscious to creating pleasure. I know it is possible. I can create a slice of heaven and infuse it into my life everyday.

 It takes seeing  more beauty, more heartfelt moments, to slow down to smell the roses so to speak.  And to be more aware of the wonderful moments in my day where my body comes alive and I feel truly nourished.

I share this experience with you in hopes that it will inspire you to come more alive in how you live your life.  Aging doesn’t have to mean we are dull,  flat and emotionally numb to feeling awake.  In fact, it is often during this time in our lives where we can pause a bit more and fully nurture parts of ourselves and our passions we didn’t have time to do in our younger years.

So make a vow to yourself right now that you are going to find some way to step into feeling more vital and alive in your day. What will that look like, smell like, feel like to you?  What is something that you enjoy doing that feels so pleasurable to you?  Do that more often.  Stretch yourself to  have experiences.  

We are meant  to feel more passion and aliveness.  So give yourself this gift today.

I’d love to hear from you what that would be for you.   We can all learn from one another, get ideas and be encouraged to stretch ourselves into living a more charged life.

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It's time for you to Live Young. Live Passionately. Live with Heart and I am here to inspire and support you on your journey to thrive as you age.

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