At the beginning of this year, 2016, I decided that I wanted to improve several areas in my body, mind and spirit. I wanted to expand the level of energy, aliveness and joy I feel on a daily basis. 

I made a commitment to myself that I would put time and attention into a few key areas, as I knew this would make a difference in my overall health and happiness goals for years to come.

Setting this intention was my first step.  I made a declaration.  "It is time to take my body and mind to a new level." I said YES to myself and believe that it is possible to look and feel better.  I am sharing this with you my Radiant Aging Community, in hopes that seeing what I am experimenting with can add some possibilities for you too. 

 Here are the 3 areas I want to improve and develop new habits.

My Body

Sluggish Metabolism -  not very good appetite, sluggish digestion and elimination, and hard for me to stabilize my blood sugar consistently throughout the day.

Bone Health -  I was diagnosed with  osteoporosis, and I don't want to take medication for that, so I am looking for ways to improve my bone density without taking drugs.

Increase Lean Muscle - As I have aged, I have lost more muscle and gained more flab.  Even though I work out regularly, I am not finding I am gaining lean muscle and look as toned as I would like.

 MY Mind

 I want to be more self aware and release negative or low level emotions that do not serve me.

Reduce my level of mindless mental chatter.

 My Spirit

 Establish a morning practice of mindfulness and gratitude to feel more alive, centered and joyful throughout my day.

For me the path of youthfulness demands that I be ever vigilant to my ever changing body, emotions and spiritual hungers. This way I can adapt and course correct when needed.

We each have unique challenges we want to shift.  Being proactive in addressing what we can do on a daily basis for more optimal health and joy is so important.  It is my hope by sharing my process, my ups and downs, and my progress with you from time to time, will inspire you to improve areas in your own body, mind and spirit. I welcome you to join me on the Path To Radiant Aging.


Exciting Changes After One Month

 For my body, to improve my metabolism and stabilize my blood sugar better, I am tweaking the quantity, timing and combinations of my meals.  Although I eat pretty clean, I was making some mistakes that was affecting the ability of my body to burn fat and gain lean muscle.  I now am eating 5 small meals a day, every 3 to 4 hours,  making sure  to include protein, complex carbs and fats in the right proportion.  My nutrition and fitness mentor, Mark MacDonald, has a balanced approach to optimal health.  His book, Body Confidence, is great if you want to check it out.  

I am loving my results so far. I am stronger,  developing more lean muscle and I have varied my exercises so I can be more flexible,  toned, and improve my bones.

My metabolism is much better, I am hungry more often and I am losing my flabbiness around my middle.  The best part is I have more sustained energy throughout the day and evening.

For my mind, I have started a simple meditation practice 5 days a week. It is helping me be calmer, more grounded and less attached to the outer emotional comings and goings of my life. I am working with the app, Headspace.  (If you want to give it a try you can download it for a free trial.)  There are all kinds of meditation practices available, choose one that best suits your personality.  I think having a sense of mindfulness is essential.

For my spiritual practice, I have started the 5 minute Gratitude Journal recommended by Tim Ferriss.  I have known the value of  incorporating gratitude in my life, but never  developed a concrete practice that would prime my mind, and open my heart regularly.  What is surprising to me about this daily act, is how much it has added a magic to my day.  

So far, many lovely intentions, experiences, people and desires have come into my life effortlessly.  I am feeling life on a deeper, richer level which has been amazing.  I highly recommend this practice, it is a short and simple habit that has become addictive in a good way.

I'd love to hear from you and what you are up to in  improving  your level of aliveness and vitality.  Drop me a note below. I'd love to hear from you.

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