Is It Possible To Feel A Sense Of Vibrancy, Meaning, Fulfillment As We Age?

If you are anything like myself, you are a woman that cares deeply about being and expressing your best self.  You have gifts and talents that are meaningful to contribute to this world and you thrive on igniting your passion and purpose to make a difference.  

 And yet life seems to play a cruel trick on us as we age.  Just as we are in the prime of our lives, we notice our bodies begin to change and symptoms appear.

This has certainly been true for me. I believe we all have life lessons we are meant to learn through the fire of challenge.  For me, It has been how to be healthy and balanced in my body. 

Sugar Addiction Plagued Me

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My health struggles through the years has given me a burring passion to inspire others to achieve and experience a healthy and vibrant body (at any age.)

It all started in my twenties as I had to develop tremendous strength and fortitude to overcome a very difficult sugar addiction while attending grad school. 

Sugar cravings are every bit as powerful and addictive as alcohol and drugs.  It was not easy, but I was determined to kick the sugar habit and never again be controlled by an outside substance like that again. 

Life Threatening Experience That Almost Took My Life

Then in my early thirties, I had a life threatening crisis. I was assaulted in the middle of the night in my hotel room while traveling for business. 

 It was this experience, and being spared my life, that gave me a profound appreciation for living passionately every day. I no longer took living for granted, and saw life from a new lens of joy and gratitude.  Yes, I occasionally slip into the numbness of the daily grind, but I remind myself each and every day to come alive with passion and heart for the life I was given back. To me this was the message of that defining moment.  

In my late thirties, I experienced multiple miscarriages and each time had to rebuild my body and my heart. Fortunately, I was blessed with two wonderful baby girls which I am forever grateful.

  But it took courage, determination and a strong faith that it is possible and to never give up on my dreams.

Mid- Life Decline. Is it Inevitable?

As I entered my early 50’s my body began to go through unpleasant changes and shifts I could no longer control. Here I was again being tested on the physical level. 

 No matter how well I ate, how much I exercised, meditated, tried umpteen supplements, I could not improve my health. I was frustrated, discouraged and suffering.  

The joy and zest I used to feel about life began to wane, and my misery clouded over my normally sunny disposition. 

 I had terrible inflammation in my hands and feet, was sleeping poorly, my digestive system felt like is was shutting down and I lacked energy and mental clarity to get through my busy days.   

I would not accept the cultural stereotype that this is normal aging. I wondered, “Is it possible to have a younger feeling body as I aged?

 My Quest for Answers for the Path to Radiant Aging.

I wondered, "Can I feel vital, healthy and a sense of well being into my later years?  Do I have to accept the aging model as the only option for my journey into the golden years”?

I went on a quest to find answers for myself and it is my honor to share what I have discovered with you. I want you to have  a life of freedom and well being.

 I am so passionate about supporting you to live agelessly. I want to give you hope that there are resources and innovative breakthroughs available today that can enhance your experience of health. You can take charge and be empowered to create a life that you will love.

Health Is a Precious Gift

As you know having our health is a precious gift. Without it, nothing else matters. If we can shift where we are stuck, release habits that no longer serve us and take a proactive approach to caring for ourselves, we can have the vitality we so crave.

Here is a picture of my girls and I.  They are one of the many reasons why I am so passionate about being the best version of myself.  I had them late 30's early 40's  so I want to take the utmost care myself so I can enjoy them and their future families for many years to come. I want to model for them what it means to live an ageless life.

I put together this website to bring to each of you tips, resources, and my soulful musings on how to Live Young. Live Passionately. Live With Heart.

Come here often to get inspired, feel support and gain clarity on how you can soar in your own ageless journey, You are meant to shine and I want to help you live your best life for many years to come