Here's what is on my mind and heart and taking my focus for the first part of 2016.

I am living in beautiful Newport Beach California and working on some cool projects for this year.  At the start of the year I decided I wanted to expand and deepen my growth in the following ways.

I am committing to integrating a morning ritual to feel more vibrant and joyful. (Includes, stretching, meditation, walking in nature, writing in my 5 minute gratitude journal, and planning my day.  I do all this before the days outer distractions.

Building my skill around Authentic Marketing for my online business.  I desire to reach and serve more women.

Continuing my support for the International organization of the Jeunessima Lifestyle Club. Their mission is to help woman around the world come together to learn how to live a youthful, vibrant lifestyle.  We are currently putting together Cocktail parties in Europe and the US to bring women together for a fabulous evening. Check out

 In February I attended the High Performance Academy live event in San Diego CA by Brendon Burchard.  This was truly life changing, and I am more committed to living my best life and helping others experience more joy.

In April, attending the taping of the new PBS series by Dr. Christine Northrup, "The Fabulous Female Body."  I will certainly write some blogs about this so stay tuned.

My word of intention for 2016 is Spaciousness.  To say NO to more things that don't inspire me. (thanks Derek Sivers) and leave more room for people, projects and life's adventures that ignite and elevate my energy.

Be intention about creating more fun and adventure in my life... having interesting experiences, meeting fascinating people and creating space to welcome the unexpected.

Learn to appreciate the joy of just being.

Feel free to reach out to me.  I'd love to connect and learn from you what inspires and moves you.  

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