How To Instantly Bounce Your Blues Away


Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel tired, down in out,  or just sluggish?

The reason could be from not enough sleep, wrong foods eaten,  emotional stress,  on and on…

So many factors go into how vital and energetic we feel.

When I’m feeling this way I reach for my “Get Your Glow On” tool kit of tricks and choose this powerful 3 minute boost.

I call it the “Bounce the Blues Away”,  orBounce… TheInstant Pick Me Up.

You can doit practically anywhere…. and watch you may have some friends join the fun.

Here’s how it works.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, bend your knees and begin to bounce in place.  Loosen your joints and allow your body to feel the rhythm of bouncing.  Keep bouncing and allow your body to relax, release and circulateyour sluggish energy.  Do this for an minimum of3 minutes. 

This simple techniquehas become a very popular exercise recommend by many high performance coaches and thought leaders such as Brendon Bushard, Dr. Andrew Weil, Jack Canfield, Ilchi Lee, Dr. Oz, to name a few.

It is an ancient technique that has been used for centuries, and now you can take advantage of it too for that INSTANT PICK ME UP!

 What The 3 Minute Bounce Will Do For You.

Releases stress in the body

Creates clearer thinking

Energizes the body

Stimulates the Lymph system to release waste

Circulates your Chi, (life energy)

So go ahead give it a try.  Put a smile on your face and BOUNCE.

Watch This Short Video To See How To Do It Now.

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And Remember to always.....

Live Young. Live Passionately. Live With Heart.