See what others are saying about the wonderful changes they experienced by using the Youth Enhancement Products.

I’ve been using the skin care system now for over a year. As a woman in my mid forties I began to see the youth and glow fad from my face and lines form that I felt prematurely aged me. Now, when I look in the mirror I see a youthful glow, radiance and health. Thank you. Thank you!
— Misty Radke
I have been using the Luminesce Skin Care Line for over 2 years. I look younger, more vibrant and I love how soft my skin feels. The most significant difference I have noticed is the level of smoothness, where my skin used to be coarse. The lines around my mouth have softened, and I have an “even” quality to my skin I haven’t had in years.
— Vicki Morris
“Two years ago plans were being made for my retirement.  Physically, I was very unstable and was planning to get a handicap placard for my car.  Fear gripped me when I had to walk down stairs.  Pain riddled my body. 
I had previously envisioned retirement as traveling, spending more time with my children, grandchildren and church ministries. But I didn’t have a healthy body to live my dreams.
Within a few weeks of using the Jeunesse products, my pain was gone, my energy returned and my thinking was much clearer, not to mention the years it took off my face.
The best part, within 6 weeks, I was able to dance the night away at my grandson’s wedding.
Those terrible pounds that I had added to my body because of meds and little exercise were being shed.  My calendar was filled again with activities, which included exercise and no doctor appointments. My age is just a number now.  As a matter of fact, I like telling my age.  Most people think I am ten years younger.
— Bernie Maynard


What others are saying about Carol's Coaching...

Before using the Luminesce skin care line, I had very large pores on my nose and face and dry skin. But after a short time using the Luminesce line, I noticed my skin was smooth and shiny. After 2 months my skin was more moist, less wrinkled and felt really good. It feels very smooth, and without wrinkles, and my facial marks have disappeared. Because my skin is so glowing one of my friends asked me if I’m dating or have a boyfriend because I have such a glow to my skin now. I feel really good and proud that I love looking younger, since I just turned 80.
— Susan Lee
Carol is the best listener I have ever experienced. I have had many accountability partners and coaches, but I have never known anyone who can hear the unspoken words behind my words the way Carol does. She asks questions that guide me to my deeper desire or truth, and then skillfully works with me to explore what those desires are trying to tell me. I always end a conversation with Carol feeling that I have been cleansed and freed from my small fearful thoughts. Carol is a blessing.
— Kimberly Cartwright